Alan Miles Alan Miles
Process Engineer
Information Technology Consultant and
Business Consultant
Specialising in Razor, Blazor, and Maui Development
I love solving business challenges of virtually any sort, so have accepted many challenges in the past, including developing advanced business management and accounting applications, a zero-code business process automation system, and systems for industrial monitoring and control.
Business process modelling is a specialisation that I use to provide the means to record and review existing procedures. This can then lead to identifying opportunities for improvement. Business process modelling can also be used to show how an entirely new opportunity exists through the use of automation techniques that span manual,computer and mechanical automated operations.
I have been told I am a good listener, an analytical thinker, and an effective communicator. When working with others, I am encouraging and supportive.
My experience covers aspects of the following:
  • Dairy – process control, packaging, marking
  • Timber – preservation, drying, milling, moulding processing
  • Plastics – vacuum forming, injection moulding
  • Steel manufacturing – pressing, rolling, drawing, fastener manufacturing
  • Weighing – weighbridges, conveyor weighing
  • Meat processing – grading, packaging
  • Large Scale Bakery – process automation, product quality control
  • Fruit Farming – automation, cool-store monitoring and control
  • Textile Manufacture
  • Vehicle – maintenance, assembly, sales
  • Database design
  • Business Growth / Improvement
  • Business Process Automation and Integration
  • Supply Chain
  • Bill of Materials / Manufacturing
  • Electronic Document Interchange (EDI)
  • Application of Analytics
  • Software Product Design
  • Energy Management
  • Electronic Design – digital and analogue
  • Industrial Automation