Do they understand?

Seventy five percent of all IT Projects leave the organisation that implemented them in a worse situation that before the project started. That's not really very good, but there are plenty of case studies where this has been proven true, and a good number at significant cost.

With any software project the cost of mistakes increases exponentially at each stage of the process. It is essential that the correct solution is designed up front. Discovering you have not understood the requirements during the go-live phase of the project is evidence of a failure of project management and project sponsorship. That failure would have started on day one.

Finding the right people, the right subject matter experts, and the right project managers is step one. Understanding how to come to a correct understanding of the aims of the organistation, and what needs to be done to take it from it's current state to the desired state must occur before a single line of code is written, or a single product suite is evaluated. End to end analysis of current systems must occur, both computerised and manual opeational procedures, and a full understanding of the required outputs be establised, well before a projects launches into designing a solution.

You know your business, you know what you want to achieve, you also know the limitations of your current environment and budget. Don't take the risk of not spending the time and money at the start of the process to ensure that as much is known about what will need to be done. The specific eccentricities of your business that will affect the design must be understood and considered. The business analyst must become an expert on your business, be able to describe in detail what it is you do, and how you do it. This must happen before a design to improve your systems, computerised or manual processes, is ever presented. This will cost you a bit more at the start of the project, but it will save you buckets at the end of the project.

You will not get a solution from Code Out Loud until we provide you with documentation about how your organisation functions from end to end.

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