Are they listening?

So, you want something fixed, or maybe you have seen a way to improve what you already have. How does that get communicated clearly? The answer is quite simple, but it's implementation can be quite complex. Well, that's what many might tell you.

You deserve a plain english description of what you have asked for, so you can be confident it has been understood. You must be able to agree that what is written is exactly what you need. Due to the nature of how communication occurs this may take some time, and a number of tries before that plain english document is finally in a state that all interested parties can agree on.

When you engage Code Out Loud Limited you will receive a commitment that the fist step of the process will be transparent and robust. Documentation that makes it clear what will be done, why it needs to be done, and how it will be done will be provided. Time and cost estimates will also be provided giving a clear indication of when delivery can be expected.

As we go we shall, with your permission, examine what is actually happening in the area where the fix or improvement is being sought. It may be that there can be some simple changes made that would fix the problem without altering any information systems. Not spending money on unecessarily altering existing information systems is a good thing. In fact, unless there is clear reason to promote a technological solution, then no change should be made. After spending the time understanding your business if a change is required then we shall design a solution.

Only when all other solutions are implimented should information systems be considered. Information system changes should be the last step in the process. Only then will the technological solution improve the situation of your organisation.

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